Notification Notifications can be set up utilizing Fated Devices array of options. You can have messages sent directly to your phone, email or a monitoring service if you wish. Notifications can be controlled based on limits you control through your portal or based on sensors you also control via your portal.
History Fated Devices gives you access to all your historical data including previous sound recordings and video recordings via your portal. The historical reports section is where you can analyze the data retrived from your devices and sensors if this is a feature you want.
UPS We can keep our devices running even when the power goes out. For added notification and alerting, a UPS option adds power outage notifications and keeps you alerted when things go wrong.
Sensors Check out the current sensors we have available on our monitors page.
Portal We have a full portal where you can access and control all your configurations for all your devices. You can control and interact with all your devices from the portal. You can view all your live feeds from here. View all your reports and access or change account information.
Support Please message us using our contact page for any inquiries.