Live Device Demonstration Data Dashboard

This is a limited functionality, limited feature demonstration dashboard. It is showing live data from a temperature streaming device with an attached security camera and a battery backup. Some features are unavailable. Even though this data is LIVE data from a real device, this is running in demonstration mode.

Live Data Feed

The below progress bar shows when the statistics for the live device are going to be updated. Refreshing the page will also show updated statistics. Statistics for this device are updated every minute.

Live Security Camera

The below Security camera can be turned on and off as required, or can be set to be activated via motion sensors, sound sensors or timers. Once the security camera has been activated, a live stream is broadcast and can be viewed online via any of your devices and recordings are backed up for viewing at a later time. Remember, Fated devices can be paired with UPS backup batteries. GSM/3G/4G/LTE Internet access in case internet is not available on site. Solar panels just in case power outages exceed batter backup limits.

Points in Time

The below interactive chart shows full details of all your monitors and sensors being recorded by the Fated network. By mousing over any of the points in the below chart you will see a tool-tip popup with data for that point in time. The tool-tip shows some basic data including a link that will take you to a page with full data statistics including links of any recording taken at the time you selected.