Fated Devices

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PortalWant to track your environment for temperature change? Want automatic notifications when those changes exceed baselines defined by you? With push notification to your phone, email or a manned service? Or, you need a more complex system with remote muti-camera systems with pressure, humidity, propane, CO2 monitoring. Sound recording? Historic data tracking? Do you need a GSM/3G/4G/LTE integrated system because there is no current internet access available where you need to monitor or set up sensors? Want solar panels attached to battery backups that you can monitor and be alerted on allowing for notifications to continue and allowing for additional reporting on potential system and environment degradation because of environmental changes? No worries, we have you covered.

These are just a few of the options available to you when you order a Fated Device. Check out our Devices and Monitors pages to get an idea of the options available with Fated devices. Or send us a message through our contact’s page with any inquiries you may have.

Full Portal!

PortalControl all your devices, sensors, monitors and notification from your central portal. All your configurations for all your devices controlled from 1 place. All your reports and monitoring done centrally from one portal. From any device. View live data. View historic data. Turn devices on and off. Set baselines. Set notification limits. All from one place.

Some of the Features – Options.

PortalYour internet or ours! Historic data or not. Push notifications to email and or phone or to a monitoring service.
Check out the Features page to see a more comprehensive list of available features.